The Services

The Services

A world of services to boats and ship-owners, courtesy and careful attention to each customer’s needs: this has always been the philosophy of our marina, from scheduled ordinary maintenance to extraordinary renovation and restoration services.

With the “conciergerie” Carlo Riva Harbour has created a discreet and efficient service capable of satisfying the daily needs of its customers.
With Carlo Riva Harbour you can navigate in the Mediterranean Sea never being alone.

For more information contact us at n° Tel: +39.0185.6891 or fill in the contact form ‘services request’ .


There are two large car parks with rent boxes and parking spaces, parking spaces on quayside.


WI-FI connection is available throughout the port area.


Weather service is available on the official website of the Italian Air Force.


11 sailors out of a total of 400 berths, are able to provide assistance 24 hours a day, both by land and by sea on life rafts even in adverse weather conditio¬ns.

Safety 24H

Front entrance Gatehouse guarded 24h on 24.

Boat Washing

Soaping, washing with specific products for the gelcoat and wood, drying.


Steels, crystals, upholster, cushions, awnings and tender cleaning.

Internal Maintenance

Dust, carpet suction, toilets discharge, kitchen, etc.

Seasonal Operation

Early season cleaning of the Interior done by specialised

Seasonal Maintenance

Periodic engines, generator and air conditioning ignition.

Opening and Closing

Boat opening and closing depending on the weather.

Extraordinary Cleaning

Cleaning bilges and engine room. Bottom Mainte-nance.


Polishing of fiberglass and steel structures. Treatment and/or painting of wooden parts.

Safety Equipment

Management and control of safety equipment (flares, liferaft, medical safe, fire extinguishers etc.)

Fuel Supply

Fuel supply Station.

Specialized Workshop

Specialized workshops boats assistance, electrical installations, electronic equipment hydraulic systems and motors. Lifting cranes up to 15 tons.

Dry Dock Area

Dry dock area with cranes up to 40 tons.